Why You Should Drink More Water!

Water is good for you and is something you should drink a lot of every day.  But there is another reason for you to drink more water: as a substitute for sugar-sweetened beverages (SSB).

SSB’s are a leading cause of tooth decay, obesity and type II diabetes.  SSB’s are the leading source of added sugar in America and include soft drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks, fruit drinks, flavored milk and other beverages containing added calorie sweeteners.

Substituting water for these SSB’s is a good way to improve your health in a variety of areas, including your teeth.  It’s easy with workouts and children’s activities to reach for the sports drink, energy drink or fruit drink and think we’re being healthy.  But if you check the label you’ll find that there is a lot of sugar in many of these drinks.  Substituting water for these drinks can improve your teeth’s health as well as your health in a number of other areas.  So substituting water for these drinks is a great way to improve your health!


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